Crime Awareness

Personal Protection

Any of us may be crime victims.  The most common crimes involve burglary and theft.  But reports of car jacking, child abductions, and assaults create fear among many Americans.

You can reduce your family’s risk by being aware and prepared.

  • Tips on Personal Safety  
    • Keep your doors locked at all times.

    • Never open your door to a stranger. Use your peephole to see who is at the door before you open it. Ask for identification before allowing a meter reader or repair person into your home.

    • Keep your car doors locked while you are driving and while the car is parked.

    • Don’t give your name, address, charge card number or Social Security number to an unknown caller. Never give your name or address on your message machine. Say something like: "I’m sorry we are unable to take your call now. Please leave a message at the tone."

    • Never surprise a burglar. If you see something that makes you think your home may have been robbed, do not go in. Go to a safe place and call the police. The burglar may still be around.

    • Don’t flash large amounts of cash or jewelry in public.

    • Be extra careful in areas with high crime rates, especially at night.

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